Regent HY series touch one machine 
Regent HY series touch one machine is integrated with PC, infrared touch panel and television all-in-one machine. Do not need extra host computer, to bring you new characteristics including wireless networks. Only with fingers, pens and other opaque objects touch can enjoy the fun of human-computer interaction. It has a HDMI high-definition multimedia interface and speaker, retaining the original high definition sound and image signal transmission, and can support the external device connection. The system is widely used in teaching equipment, multimedia, advertising, retail, catering market buffet, a public reception, government, military, security, application of interactive advertising, display, and indoor venues, training facilities and company meeting room.

A list of one machine size
No. Model Dimensions Display Size Packing size(cm)
Long(cm) Wide(cm) Long(cm) Wide(cm)
1 GT42 108 599 93.024 52.326 114*72*20.5
2 HY55 131 83 120.96 68.04 141.5*93*34.8
3 HY65 159 96 142.848 80.352 174*110*29
4 HY70 171 103 163 95.2 174*110*29
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